2021 Strategies Newsletter

By Walpole & Co., LLP on Jan 24, 2022 in Newsletter

sbeaFocusing on our Clients: Santa Barbara Equine Assistance & Evac Team with Kathy O’Connor, President

By Anita Peca, CPA, PFS

Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evacuation Team Inc.(SBEAE) is a nonprofit organization that assists all Santa Barbara County emergency responding agencies and large animal owners in the evacuation, temporary care and sheltering of large animals in times of fire, flood, earthquake and other disasters. Walpole & Co. provides tax preparation and ongoing tax planning services to this organization. Kathy O’Connor, the current president of SBEAE shared with us the beginnings and background of this important local organization.

On June 27th, 1990 Clark Becksted, a well-known horseman and Santa Barbara farrier cut the entry gate lock to the Earl Warren Showgrounds.  The Painted Cave fire had just broken out and was racing down the hillside toward a number of neighborhoods and horse properties.  Clark grasped that this situation was quickly turning into a full-blown animal rescue emergency and that it would require immediate access to the protective stalls at Earl Warren.  His quick decision and bold action resulted in a procession of grateful animal owners entering the grounds through the night and over the next few days. 

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