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Specializing in Income Tax, Business Accounting, Estates and Trusts, Financial and Estate planning, Wealth Management, Software Consulting and ERP Solutions, Walpole is committed to providing superior solutions that create value for their clients.

Walpole & Co., LLP is a full service accounting firm with over 40 years of experience

We know our customers expect much more from us today than they did when we opened our doors back in 1974. Traditional accounting functions — tax preparation, payroll, audits, bookkeeping and financial statements — only scratch the surface of Walpole’s current capabilities.

We are proud to have the ability to offer our clients a truly holistic level of service with our in-house resources whether you need assistance with tax planning, wealth preservation, or technology solutions - Walpole can advise you each step of the way.

We think you will be amazed at what a leading-edge accounting firm can do!

Tax Services

  • Individual Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Partnership Income Tax
  • LLC/LLP Income Tax
  • S-Corporation Income Tax
  • Nonprofit Organization Income Tax
  • Audit Representation

Business Accounting

  • Financial Statements
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Payroll
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Bill Paying
  • Sales Tax Reports
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Tax Planning

Estates & Trusts

  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Fiduciary Accounting
  • Fiduciary Income Tax
  • Planning/Consulting

If you ask our customers to reflect on their relationship with Walpole, two messages come through again and again.

First, they trust and appreciate our sound judgment and advice. Second, they acknowledge the importance of our working partnership. As one of our customers put it, “Your advice is valuable, innovative, creative, but realistic. You are more than an accountant, you’re a mentor as well.”

Clients often mention the friendly, caring attitude we bring to our very personal associations with them—a welcome respite from the unforgiving world of budgets, audits and government regulations. A client who’s been with us since our beginning had this to say, “For over 30 years, Walpole has been more than an accounting firm. They have been a friend who cared about our business.”

In order to adequately protect your financial position today and build a feasible plan for your fiscal future, Walpole employs a diverse team of specialists with complementary strengths. They’re well-trained experts who know how and when to employ the latest information and innovative technologies to achieve financial success. A local business controller confirmed this when he said, “Walpole has a reputation for being able to employ different and workable systems for a variety of businesses and projects.”

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Friendly, professional and easy to work with. Beautiful office too.
Kristina Concord