How to Create a Table of Contents for Your Most Important Documents

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To start the project, gather supplies needed:

  • a pencil
  • a binder
  • an erasable table of contents packet with 31 tabs (see link)

To insure the project works:

  • Write it down
  • Have the conversation
  • Visit the binder annually and change as needed

Suggestions for “Table of Contents for Binder:”

  1. How do we identify you? Copies of identification, driver’s license, social security card, passports and citizenship papers.
  2. What is in your wallet? Photocopy contents of your wallet including credit cards front and back for loss or theft. Phone number for theft reporting is on back of credit card.
  3. Whom do we call? Names, phone numbers and addresses of key people
  4. Where are the keys? Location of Master set of all keys specifically labeled.
  5. What is your current medical picture? List of doctors and RX information, and allergy information
  6. Health Insurance Information – including policy number
  7. Social Security and Medicare Information
  8. Supplemental Insurance if Medicare is primary insurance
  9. Where are your important papers? Inventory of safe deposit box or cloud file  
  10. Copy of current Will
  11. Copy of current Trust Agreement with Amendments
  12. Copy of current Power of Attorney for Financial matters
  13. Copy of Advance Health Care Directive
  14. Copy of HIPPA or POLST documents – if applicable
  15. Copy of Living Will – if applicable
  16. Long Term Care Insurance information - if applicable
  17. Life Insurance information – if applicable
  18. Pension/retirement plan information
  19. House Insurance – copy of Declaration page
  20. Car Insurance – copy of Declaration page
  21. Umbrella Insurance – copy of Declaration page
  22. Checking account(s) – copy of recent bank statement
  23. Savings account(s) – copy of recent bank statement
  24. Investment account(s) – copy of recent investment statement
  25. Mortgage or loan information – copy of recent statement
  26. Copy of deeds and titles for real property, vehicles and other assets
  27. Loans to family members or friends and gift wishes
  28. Location of address book or information for family and friends
  29. Location of password for online activities
  30. Evacuation - List of steps

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