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Our experienced team is committed to assisting our clients with Estate Planning to transfer their lifetime wealth to their chosen heirs and beneficiaries in a way that will be orderly and conserve their hard-earned assets from unnecessary probate fees and income taxes.

As your CPAs, we have the advantage of viewing your financial picture every year. We work with your attorney and other advisors to develop a strategic plan that allows you to implement both your business and personal goals. This might include transitioning a family business to the younger generation or fulfilling your philanthropic goals with charitable tax planning.

We help our clients navigate complex new laws and reforms

As more and more of the large “Baby Boomer” generation enters retirement, estate and tax planning services have become critical. Added on top of this demographic shift are more complex gift and estate tax laws and Tax Reform, requiring additional professional advice. We are happy to collaborate with you to navigate these waters to ensure not only a seamless plan but also peace of mind.

We advise clients with smaller estates about tax benefits from trusts

Even with the temporary increase in the lifetime estate and gift tax exemption, smaller estates will continue to benefit from the use of trusts. There are many types of trusts that achieve different goals. They provide privacy, probate avoidance, timed dispositions and creditor protection and continue to be flexible instruments to preserve family wealth. Trusts have unique and complex tax rules with their own special vocabulary as well.

Our experts stay current with these tax laws and are here to assist you in every phase from planning, filing tax returns and administration of the trust.

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